‘We are a residential home for people with profound learning disabilities and complex needs including autism and epilepsy.

Paul comes once a week to play music for our residents. Over the months he has got to know the residents individually and has developed a repertoire of personalised songs that he knows they like and respond to. He always brings a supply of different instruments for them to choose from and a fun basket of songs to delve into.

The residents definitely respond positively to Paul, when he is singing and playing he is like a magnet, the residents gravitate towards wherever he is performing.

At a recent staff meeting I needed to review what the staff felt about his visits and the overwhelming response was YES…continue,….they can see the benefit and enjoy the music and watching the positive reactions of the residents.

Paul has enhanced the lives of our residents without a doubt.’

Julie Jinks (Home  Manager), Barley Close


‘… everyone who attends is positively encouraged by Paul and Claire to make choices throughout the session, wait their turn and to have control about what the session is going to involve. This is achieved in a fun, enjoyable way and appears to come very naturally to both Paul and Claire and positively promotes inclusion and empowerment for all… Paul and Claire’s approach is gentle, warm and welcoming without being challenging or obtrusive… Some people who in the beginning could maybe only stay in the session for a few minutes now stay for the whole hour; this sort of thing is a huge achievement for some individuals and has been made possible by the commitment and compassion shown by both Paul and Claire… the service Paul and Claire deliver is invaluable… With their vibrant, animated and enthusiastic approach, we have seen significant achievements from the people we support; we have watched people’s confidence grow and some have chosen to purchase their own instruments…’ 

Christine Jarman – Deputy General Manager, Stallcombe House

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‘We have recently added music sessions to our plan of activities at our home  and they have been a real success. Everyone really enjoys the sessions and are enabled by Paul to join in and engage in whatever way they like. Already something that our service users look forward to. We have some service users with very complex needs and Paul has been able to tailor the sessions to encompass everyone so everyone can get involved and have fun. A really positive addition to our home.’ 

Forge House, Cullompton


‘They all enjoy choosing different instruments, to join in with the music sessions. I feel that this sessions are beneficial to promoting their choice having control within the music sessions while these music sessions take place. The service users really enjoy music sessions with Paul. Paul makes sure that he has the music which each service users likes, so they join in and sing along.

I feel that these session are great for the service users’ needs and provide a good ambiance throughout the day and the home.’

Victoria Joy – Registered Manager, The Old Rectory


‘…Residents from Willows and Stallcombe, staff from Willows and Stallcombe, day placement guests, all together, choosing their own songs, playing instruments and dancing. I was truly uplifted by the togetherness and genuine happiness in the room.’ 

Chris Thistle – General Manager, Stallcombe House (excerpt from editorial from Stallcombe House News, Summer 2016)

‘We have seen so much benefit from these sessions that we have recommended Paul to another care home we know and they tell me that his sessions with them are just as fantastic.’

Cris Sherratt -Home Manager, The Lawns.

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‘Paul’s talent as a musician has enabled several of our clients to enjoy regular choir and instrument-playing opportunities. I asked Paul to set up this weekly session and he soon established an experience enjoyed by all participants, resulting in several wonderful performances for their families and friends.

Paul’s creativity and enthusiasm encourage all clients to participate in activities if they wish. He tries to make activities accessible and fun for everyone, irrespective of their limitations.’

Sue West, former manager of Mid-Devon Short Breaks Service (Devon County Council).

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